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Workforce plan expects growth in health care, construction jobs; decline in manufacturing

From now until Jan. 21, state officials are accepting comments for Gov. Tom Wolf’s federally mandated four-year workforce development plan, which seeks to coordinate the efforts of the state's educational institutions, economic development programs and employers of the region’s major industries to create a pathway to optimal employment.

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A Conversation With: Vijay Varadarajan

Vijay Varadarajan, 41, is a senior project manager at the infrastructure firm HNTB, working in its Harrisburg office and focusing on emerging mobility technologies. He is also part of the team planning the Pennsylvania Safety Transportation and Research Track (PennSTART).

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Tempting targets: Eastern Pa. among regions hardest hit by cargo theft, report says

The Hollywood image through the years might depict truckers being accosted by gun-wielding organized-crime figures who hijack a cargo of cigarettes or booze and then drive off, leaving the bewildered driver to walk home. Real-life cargo heists today might involve organized crime, but the thieves are more likely to be wielding sophisticated GPS systems or social media accounts that redirect freight to bogus addresses. And eastern Pennsylvania is one of the main areas being hit by thefts

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