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Two Cumberland County restaurant owners choose to expand during a stormy time

In a deeply divided nation, there’s one issue on which most can agree: the pandemic has been very hard on the restaurant industry, which has endured capacity restrictions and lockdowns for almost a year.  Many are barely hanging on, hunkering down and waiting for this economic hurricane to blow itself out. But there are exceptions. Two Carlisle area restaurants are not only surviving, but expanding. 

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Midstate museums face severe challenges as the pandemic grinds on

Like the hospitality and entertainment industries, museums have been hard hit by the pandemic and, according to the American Alliance of Museums, this cultural sector is just beginning to assess the impact closures, travel bans, cancellations of major events, and the implementation of physical distancing is having on institutions and the people who work for them.

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How small businesses can calm inventory concerns

When your business depends on inventory, any mishap can lead to trouble. From dissatisfied customers to wasted funds, problems can compound quickly as seemingly small errors turn into profit-eating catastrophes. Here’s how to stay ahead of issues so you can avoid an ugly snowball effect.

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