You can compete against coronavirus with creativity

Coronavirus has halted the nation, leaving brands scrambling to redefine their roles in consumers’ lives right now. Marketing and communications experts agree that it’s best to be present but not pushy, branded but not brand-forward, and to be ready to transform strategies on a dime.

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What’s the harm in asking?

Ultimately, good questions posed with poise and good timing reveal information that help us more forward. So, before you refrain from posing any questions, regardless of the business setting, ask yourself this: “What’s the worst response I could get?”

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Talking insurnace with Andrew Enders, of Enders Insurance

Andrew Enders became an active member of his family’s insurance agency, Harrisburg-based Enders Insurance, when he was 15. While his teen years at the business would eventually lead to him joining the firm and becoming its vice president and general council, Enders first job was as the deputy district attorney for the Dauphin County District ...

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Here’s how to keep a positive work culture

Recently, the popular luggage company, Away, made headlines after an investigation resulted in employees coming forward to reveal its toxic social environment.  The growth-at-all-costs mentality resulted in burnout, humiliation and a miserable place to work. How can we as leaders prevent a toxic culture?

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How to dominate stress at work

With life’s fast pace, it's more important than ever to combat excess stress at work with improved eating, exercising, and sleeping habits. You do your best when the pressure is on. But there are some natural, healthy practices you can add to help relieve stress at work both for yourself and coworkers.

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