Sep 27, 2023

Are we stumbling our way out of inflation?

As expected, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates in July by .25 basis points bringing interest rates to 5.3%, which is above the Fed’s March 2023 projected interest rate target of

Sep 5, 2023

Career and workforce development

While famed advertising industry executive Fairfax Cone may be credited with first saying, “The inventory goes down the elevator every night,” I can’t imagine he was the first

Sep 5, 2023

Pros/cons to AEC industry pros earning advanced degrees

Professionals working in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry who want to advance their education are faced with at least two potential options – an MBA or

Aug 25, 2023

5 tips for planning a mid-career career change.

For most of us, our careers are the basis of our personal identity.  

Jul 28, 2023

Must-haves to survive, thrive in unpredictable economy

Following the end of the global pandemic and amid a steady diet of Fed interest rate hikes, businesses are reevaluating their financial direction and priorities to adjust to a “new normal.”

Jul 19, 2023

Minimum wage increase will hurt countless small PA businesses

The current $15-per-hour employee who has been working for a company for several years is earning this wage because of merit, experience and increased skills

Jul 14, 2023

How to weather the storm: Five practical talent tips for CEOs and CHROs to navigate uncertainty

CEOs and CHROs began 2023 facing a multitude of exceptional challenges

Jul 10, 2023

Mission-driven marketing required to survive in competitive business environment

In today’s business environment, customer decisions are complex and driven by dynamic, evolving factors

Jul 7, 2023

Time is right to build national model for senior care in Pa.

As the new governor and new state Legislature take the reins on their first budget, there is a sense of anticipation of what their leadership will bring to the commonwealth. While the Shapiro administration and General Assembly have developed their priorities, we urge them to seize this opportunity to build a national model for senior […]

Jul 7, 2023

Why health care insurance matters

In the United Sates, we take it as a given that employers provide employees with health care insurance

Jun 30, 2023

How to navigate changes to workers’ compensation

PA employers will soon see a change to the factors that are used to calculate their workers’ compensation experience rating

Jun 28, 2023

Addressing Pa.’s dental crisis: A call to action

Pennsylvania residents are currently facing a dental crisis that has limited access to crucial oral health care services.