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Digital wellness for kids

As someone who has their toddler on a one-hour-a-day-or-less screentime policy, I didn’t think I would find much helpful information inside, that it would be geared more toward older kids.  Boy, was I wrong. 

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Time to Unplug and Reset

The little boy that used to beg me to take him to the playground every day is now a moody teenager who is completely obsessed with technology. Lately he would rather spend his time on his phone or playing video games.  

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Give your kids the write stuff

I wondered if I was alone in missing snail mail, so I asked my friends if they missed it too, or whether we were now conditioned to communicating electronically and/or getting nothing but unwanted mail.  I was surprised to find that most of them also wished they found more interesting paper mail.  

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Staying connected

It goes without saying that parenting can be exhausting, nerve-wrecking and challenging from time to time. There are also moments where parenting is joyous, filled with laughter and just plain fun.

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