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Author Archives: Leslie Penkunas

Why your child needs an IHP (access required)

Chronic mental and physical health conditions or disabilities can interfere with school participation and achievement; but many of these students do not require an IHP.

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When babies hiccup, study says it helps them in a crucial, fascinating way (access required)

While researchers and medical professionals know how a hiccup happens (it begins with an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm that leads the epiglottis to snap shut, causing a hiccup’s tell-tale “hic” sound), it’s not been altogether clear why they happen in the first place. Until now, that is. Continue reading.

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Harrisburg presents annual holiday parade this Saturday (access required)

In addition to the parade, there will be food trucks and carnival games. And after the parade, families can see Santa and enjoy complimentary cookies and hot cocoa at Strawberry Square.

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Stay safe on the road for the holidays (access required)

During the next weeks, millions of American families will be getting in their cars and hitting the highway in order to visit family and friends for the holidays.

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History of Disney Songs with Kristen Bell (access required)

Kristen Bell and Jimmy perform a live mashup of some of the best Disney sing-along tunes of all time, including "Into the Unknown" from Frozen 2.

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