State to receive $900 million in federal funding for climate-smart ag practices

Cris Collingwood//September 16, 2022

State to receive $900 million in federal funding for climate-smart ag practices

Cris Collingwood//September 16, 2022

Pennsylvania will receive more than $900 million in federal funding to support farm organizations, businesses and research institutions using climate-smart practices. 

Gov. Tom Wolf – File

Gov. Tom Wolf and U.S. Senator Bob Casey, D-PA, said the funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities will help farmers implement “climate-smart” production practices that sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with targeted investments for small and underserved producers. 

The program will also help promote and increase consumer awareness of climate-smart commodities like dairy, beef and eggs, while quantifying emissions reduction benefits, Casey said. 

“Agriculture bears the brunt of the impact of climate change, from extreme weather to an environment that is more inviting to invasive pests, plants and disease,” Wolf said. “My administration has provided unprecedented support for the industry that feeds and sustains us – as seen through the PA Farm Bill and Clean Streams Fund – and I am pleased that our efforts will be multiplied exponentially with federal support. Farmers cannot tackle climate change alone.” 

The 19 Pennsylvania projects were among 70 selected nationwide, investing $2.8 billion in the first of two rounds of Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities funding. 

Sen. Bob Casey

“Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry is central to our economy. This funding will give a boost to farmers and ranchers as well as manufacturers using climate-smart production to support local economies and increase PA competitiveness while combatting the climate crisis,” Casey said. 

 The projects will expand markets for climate-smart commodities, leverage the greenhouse gas benefits of climate-smart commodity production and provide direct, meaningful benefits to production agriculture, including for small and underserved producers. 

 Projects funded aim to: 

  •  Provide technical and financial assistance for putting climate-smart practices in place; 
  • Develop innovative and cost-effective methods for monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas benefits; and 
  • Develop markets and promote the benefits of commodities grown using climate-smart practices. 

Lead partners of the 19 projects based in Pennsylvania or involving PA-based partners include: 

 Wolfe’s Neck Farm Foundation, Inc., $35,000,000  

Cooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools, $25,000,000 

Truterra, LLC, $90,000,000 

Pennsylvania State University, $25,000,000 

PASA Sustainable Agriculture, $55,000,000 

Farm Journal, Inc., $40,000,000 

American Forest Foundation, $35,000,000 

The Nature Conservancy, $60,000,000 

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, $95,000,000 

The DeLong Co., Inc., $40,000,000 

Low Carbon Beef, LLC, $10,000,000 

Rodale Institute, $25,000,000 

American Farmland Trust, $30,000,000 

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., $45,000,000 

National Association of Conservation Districts, $90,000,000 

Field to Market, $70,000,000 

American Sustainable Business Institute, Inc., $35,000,000 

The Conservation Innovation Fund, $25,000,000 

Carbon A List, LLC, $70,000,000