Cargas Systems’ Board of Directors elects new chair

Ioannis Pashakis//October 29, 2020

Cargas Systems’ Board of Directors elects new chair

Ioannis Pashakis//October 29, 2020

Keith Kuzio, former CEO of Williamsport-based Larson Design Group, will be succeeding Chip Cargas as chair of the Cargas Board of Directors.

Lancaster-based software company Cargas Systems announced this week that its founder, Chip Cargas, will be stepping down as the board’s chair but will remain as one of the company’s eight board directors.

Kuzio’s election marks the first change in board chair for Cargas Systems since Chip Cargas incorporated the company in 1991.

A former president and CEO of Larson Design Group, Kuzio retired from the architectural, engineering and survey firm earlier this year. The Williamsport, Lycoming County native joined the firm in 1992 as a project engineer.

Prior to joining Larson, he held a number of positions in both the private sector and in the government, primarily designing highways and bridges.

Nate Scott, president and CEO of Cargas, said that Kuzio is a good fit for the position and noted that the board wanted someone who understood Cargas’ culture.

“We want someone in the board chair role who is living our culture, understands our core values, and understands our vision for the future to be built to last,” he said. “Keith really embodies that and has done a great job of introducing concepts to us that we can take advantage of to help us be built to last.”

As board chair, Kuzio will be looking to grow the organization and fulfill the board’s fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders, according to the release.

Along with scaling the company, Kuzio said he will be looking to increase the diversity of the board and at all levels of the business. Kuzio said that as the company grows, it will be important to evolve how Cargas manages risk, evaluates opportunities in the marketplace and creates value for its customers.

“I’ve really appreciated the job that Chip has done to help our company, our board, and me personally. I’m glad that he’s not going anywhere and we are approaching this in an incremental way. It just makes these types of transitions easier,” he said. “At the same time, I’m also appreciative of Keith’s approach to the transition of the chair role and his focus on that evolution, not revolution.”