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Is your workers comp physician panel balanced?

Even in non-pandemic times, a business’ health can be impacted when workers are injured. Having a balanced workers’ compensation physician panel is crucial to getting employees back to work, but why, and how, should you go about re-examining the composition of your panel?

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Former PA Gov. Schweiker: We shall overcome by putting politics aside

America is divided. We see and feel it every day, and one can become discouraged. Then, when we recently marked the 19th remembrance of 9/11, something happened: Americans from all across the nation put politics aside and honored the brave people we lost. We were reminded of an earlier time when Americans came together magnanimously to overcome one of this country's most difficult challenges.

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The best business model always wins… even at the dentist

The Coronavirus has quickened the pace of consolidation in one of the last large cottage industries -- dentistry. The intimate nature of the relationship between a dentist and a patient, along with the long-standing tradition of independence in the profession, have allowed solo practitioners, until recently, to remain in the majority.

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Are you ready to recruit in the new normal?

There's no doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the natural progression of work process and communication methods moving further in the digital direction. The hiring process is definitely an important example, which is being shaped into a leaner, faster, more efficient model.

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How to build trust through feedback

Feedback between leaders and employees is essential in understanding the effectiveness of their interactions and their impact on others. Furthermore, feedback helps leaders to clarify objectives and reiterate the overall direction of the team.  

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