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Did you receive your auto insurance premium refund?

While stay-at-home directives for non-essential activities have eased, personal automobile usage remains below pre COVID-19 usage levels as many people continue to work from home. Reduced personal travel, cancelled entertainment events, increased unemployment and countless behavioral changes also continue to decrease automobile usage below historic levels.

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2020 underscores the importance of good leadership

The madness of this year, 2020, has revealed an acute need for leadership.  Great leaders recognize that certain leadership qualities are being tested now like never before, and the strength of the following qualities will have extraordinary impact far beyond the direct setting in which one currently leads:

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Why military veterans make natural entrepreneurs

The vim and vigor of a patriotic spirit can easily transition to entrepreneurial pursuits. Military veterans and entrepreneurs require dedication and drive, along with faith and optimism. These all-too-familiar characteristics are what carried many veterans through their daily military routines and duties.

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What will the AEC industry see in 2021?

Members of the AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) industry are looking ahead to 2021 and realize the year ahead looks challenging. However, 2021 will present opportunities for leaders who are anticipatory and think strategically. Those leaders will look for the hard trends and soft trends, identify the disruptors in the industry and subsequently define the opportunities that will exist for them.

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Developing a succession plan is vital for family businesses 

A recent family business survey conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Family Business Alliance indicates that only 15% of the family businesses have developed and documented anything appearing to be a succession plan. This is troubling because succession of ownership and leadership is a critical issue for the long-term success of a business.

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Mark S. Schweiker

Former PA Gov. Schweiker: We shall overcome by putting politics aside

America is divided. We see and feel it every day, and one can become discouraged. Then, when we recently marked the 19th remembrance of 9/11, something happened: Americans from all across the nation put politics aside and honored the brave people we lost. We were reminded of an earlier time when Americans came together magnanimously to overcome one of this country's most difficult challenges.

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