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Young Professionals

To be young and … bad at keeping in touch

I went to college just outside of Chicago. I didn't know a soul when my parents dropped me off in September 2010. During my first few months away at school, the 700 miles and one time zone separating me from my home in little ol' Central Pennsylvania may as well have been another continent.

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So you wanna buy a house: 10 mortgage myths debunked

There are a lot of myths around the homebuying experience. As a loan officer, I hear some of them every week when talking to friends and prospective borrowers. I hear them even more often when I am talking to recent college grads and first-time homebuyers. When potential buyers put the loan process on hold after hearing intimidating and possibly incorrect information, they pay the price for putting it off. Here are some common myths about the mortgage process debunked:

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Hobby, not hustle

It's June. I am knee-deep in gardening season, and I love it. I love the physical work of digging, planting, weeding (Ok, I don't love weeding), picking. I love growing my own food, and I love learning about plants, each species with its individual preferences and set of needs.

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