You may have noticed your Evening Rush has changed

Cathy Hirko//January 12, 2017

You may have noticed your Evening Rush has changed

Cathy Hirko//January 12, 2017

It’s friendly to the mobile reader

Consider this statistic: More than 72 percent of Americans own a smartphone and many of us get our news via our phones. The new Evening Rush format is easier to read if you choose to use a smartphone for your news.

Many of our newsletters were initially created with the desktop user in mind. This format still works well on a desktop, or a laptop, but it is also easier to see on the small screen of a phone.

And the new format pairs nicely with the Evening Rush story picks: Quick, informative stories that round out your day before your commute home.

We’ve kept the best of the newsletter stories

As every successful business evolves and changes to reflect its audience needs, so do we.

Not to get too jumbled with technology-based information, but our online readership has shown what most newsletter readers care about: local, breaking, business news. They want to to read more stories about business people and how they stay competitive in the midstate.

Our redesign keeps these stories a priority. 

OK, we get it, some folks won’t like the change

We don’t live in the unicorn-filled world where everyone gets along and bunnies, kittens and rainbows dot a posy-filled landscape. (But seriously, wouldn’t that be kind of cool?)

We know some of you might not like the new format, so let us know your thoughts. We want to hear from you. Contact me: Cathy Hirko, managing editor, [email protected]

Once again, thanks for choosing Central Penn Business Journal as your source for local business news.