York County home sales up 12 percent this year

//November 10, 2016

York County home sales up 12 percent this year

//November 10, 2016

There were 471 home sales in October, which pushed the year-to-date total to 4,739 sales, the association said

The biggest growth this year, by school district, came in West York, Northeastern and Dallastown, where sales are up between 24 and 33 percent. Dallastown led the way through October with 535 home sales on the year so far, while West York posted the biggest percentage growth.

The median-sale price in the county was up 4 percent through October to $159,900, the association said.

Eastern York has seen its median-sale price increase 20 percent this year to $147,500. Meanwhile, Northern York, Southern York and South Eastern have median-sale prices above $200,000.

And prices are still rising, according to the association. South Eastern has seen its median jump 12 percent this year to $202,500. By comparison, Northern York, which has the highest median-sale price in the county at $228,750, was up 8 percent through October.

Southern York finished October with a median-sale price of $214,617, up 7 percent from the same period last year.

But all three school districts have seen the number of home sales decline or remain flat over last year, according to the association.

Hanover finished October with the biggest year-over-year decline in home sales at 8 percent. Home sales in that area totaled 152 through October.

By comparison, Adams County home sales were up 16 percent through October. There have been 988 homes sold in the county, the association said. The median-sale price for the year was $174,950.

November and December are traditionally among the slowest sales month of the year. However, strong buyer demand could continue through the end of the year, RAYAC officials said.

Given the presidential turnover in Washington, D.C., homebuilders could see a greater surge in activity in 2017.

Before Tuesday’s general election, homebuilders were optimistic that a President-elect Donald Trump would peel back layers of regulation on the construction industry, which could speed up development projects.

Other proposed Trump reforms, including overhauling federal health insurance, could also reduce costs and boost disposable income for many Americans, which might increase the number of homebuyers.