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Guest view: To energize workforce, try a dash of purpose

The nature of our business is challenging. Caring for and comforting people at the end of life is not always easy. So, what motivates our employees at Hospice & Community Care to continue to deliver quality care and comfort? Having a sense of purpose. Knowing they are making a difference in the lives of people every day at one of the most challenging times in their lives. Here are some ways we create that sense of purpose at our organization:

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The Behaviorist: Safety is key to workplace risks

As the story goes in ancient Greek mythology, Cassandra was blessed with the gift of seeing the future but frustrated with the curse that no one would ever believe her. Today, a Cassandra culture in the workplace is one that lacks psychological safety.  Imagine being a nurse and the doctor you are working with has ...

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Workforce initiatives balance present, future needs (access required)

The strong economy has been making it difficult for businesses that need qualified and skilled technical workers. And while some established workforce initiatives with a long-range focus are paying off, other efforts are underway to match workers’ skills with specific jobs in the shorter term, several observers said in recent interviews.

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Overtime calculation in court crosshairs (access required)

A 2013 lawsuit brought by employees at General Nutrition Centers was recently heard in the state Supreme Court. The dispute centers on the calculation of overtime hours, as workers felt they were entitled to more pay under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act than what they were given under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

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The Behaviorist: Lessons from last days on the job

“You have just two months to live.” If you heard those words from a doctor, would you make changes? Would you do things differently? I haven’t heard that message from a doctor, but I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned during those poignant periods prior to leaving an organization. Here's what I've learned.

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