Women in Leadership: Read September’s stories

Nicole Chynoweth//September 21, 2016

Women in Leadership: Read September’s stories

Nicole Chynoweth//September 21, 2016

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Lunching with the ladies got me thinking | CPBJ

I looked across at one of the head tables Friday afternoon at the Salvation Army’s Shoe Strut event in East Pennsboro Township. Half of the women there had been featured in our monthly Women in Leadership newsletter. They’ve shared their stories: Helping to empower women, giving back to the community, facing the challenge of running a business, offering advice on mentorship and leadership.

Young and in charge: Franchising Duck Donuts with family | CPBJ

It was at Duck Donuts’ opening launch in Virginia when a store shelf holding the doughnut icing suddenly wasn’t. “Icing was everywhere,” remembers Allie Wagner, the company’s director of operations at Duck Donuts Franchising Co. And in the world of perfect timing, customers were lining up for orders. Wagner didn’t panic.

Marcia Dale Weary: Ballet lessons grow lifetime skills | CPBJ

The ballet students craned their necks to study Marcia Dale Weary as she repeated pas de bourrėe footwork at the front of the room. “Back, step, front,” she said. “Back, step, front.” Weary’s feet, donned in red shoes, moved in unison with her verbal instruction. Her posture elongated: back straight, chest high, arms outstretched.

Sarah Lanphier: Homework bears fruit … or nuts | CPBJ

Sarah Lanphier said doing her homework has always been important. She did that as a student a decade ago at Elizabethtown College, where as a triathlete she parlayed a recipe she had for granola into a winning fundraiser for the triathlon team.