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Sometimes you meet leaders who have some incredible stories to share. This one story places us in Delaware, in a car, with a mom who just had it with the whining.

Kate Deringer Sallie was kind enough to share the story with me.

The Rhoads & Sinon partner met with me for coffee recently to chat about the strength of, and the need for, “invisible strings” in the office. You can read more about that here. Deringer Sallie is someone I would call a champion for change in the way we think about “sacrifices” and what many women believe they need to do to be successful.  

Like many of my “dates” as I now refer to my meetings with these amazing local women leaders, we got to chatting about our careers, our family and those unexpected learning moments that stick with you – sometimes knock you over the head.

This particular conversation for Deringer Sallie happened in the early to mid 2000s when her mother was visiting her family in Delaware.

Deringer Sallie, will tell you that she – for lack of a better term – was whining to her mom during what would have been an otherwise uneventful ride in the car.

She was driving. Mom was in the passenger seat. Here’s how it played out:

Deringer Sallie was going on about how she missed her son: She wasn’t seeing him as much as she would like. She missed him rolling over. Work was demanding …

“I was miserable. I was doing what needed to be done. I was caught up in my firm,” she said.

Mom wasn’t attending this pity party.

“Pull the car over,” she told her daughter.

“Own your life!” her mother told her as the car idled on the side of the road.

“Are you my daughter? Are you the woman that has everything you ever wanted to do with your life?” Mom went on. “Why do you believe that you have to do anything?”

Go mom.

“The job, the work wasn’t doing anything to me. These are my choices,” Deringer Sallie said.

“Decide. Just do it,” Deringer Sallie said. “Own your life. That is my mantra. That. Is. My. Mantra.”

Leading attorneys and those who serve and lead

Deringer Sallie’s interview in this upcoming newsletter joins a piece featuring Carolyn Warman, who is leaving a legacy of training other York County leaders in the Leadership York program.

I met Warman several years ago when I used to speak in front of the Leadership York classes. I’ll never forget the term she used after one of our engagements: “Servant leadership” is how she described York’s leaders. She brings it up again in this profile.  Web editor Nicole Chynoweth shares that story.

Staff writer Michael Sadowski talked with Sara Austin on her new leadership position with the Pennsylvania Bar Association, while Central Penn Business Journal intern Makenzie Alger interviewed a few women leaders at a recent networking event.

The newsletter rounds out with a profile on Silvia Dugan and how her family successfully operates a business in York.

Do you have a story to share? Know of a woman leader locally who should be profiled for an upcoming newsletter? Please contact Cathy Hirko, managing editor, Central Penn Business Journal, cathyh@cpbj.com

Cathy Hirko
Cathy Hirko is managing editor, news, for the Central Penn Business Journal and Lehigh Valley Business. Email her at chirko@cpbj.com.

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