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Wavelength: Reframing Your Image After Unexpected Events


Reframing Your Image After Unexpected Events

Unexpected events are just that, unexpected. You can’t always prepare for them, but you can effectively respond to them. The customers you marketed to six months ago are not the same people you’re marketing to today. Ways of life have fundamentally changed, and the messages you communicate to your customers must adapt to a new set of conditions and emotions.

Any good brand exercise begins with defining what you do and why. These essential elements rarely change. What does change, and is likely in need of revisiting now, is who you do it for: your customers. How have they changed? What do they need? How do you and your brand fulfill this need?

It’s a Little Complicated

In both consumer and B2B environments, customers are experiencing a complex mixture of two different emotional states. It’s safe to say that almost all customers are conflicted to some degree. Secure and insecure. Confident and cautious. Still others represent a complex mixture of both and are uncertain about how to move forward. Collectively, these varied ways of thinking create a diverse set of customer needs and expectations, and it’s up to businesses to try to understand and speak to them.

Start with Understanding

Reframing begins by understanding your customers’ psyches in ways most brands have never had to do before. You’ll need to acknowledge changes in customer needs, expectations, and emotions, and in some cases, sprinkle in a dash of irrationality, too. Customers are looking to you for the right cues that it’s safe to step out and engage with confidence. What will make them feel confident?

Reframe the Image

Once you understand the customer mindset, reframing your brand requires you to revisit your core values and realign them with your new understanding.  The goal is to ensure that your brand is true to itself and, most importantly, relevant to your customers, and the way that it’s relevant may need to change. Your ability to pivot in sync with your customers will directly impact your ability to recover and can position you to come back even stronger.

Reframing also includes rethinking your brand messages and reevaluating tactics. You and your competitors are competing for limited mindshare, and customers will be pickier than ever about where and how they spend their money. This is not business as usual. You’re going to have to work for it.

It’s Going to Take Way More Than “We’re Here for You”

“We’re here for you.”

What does that mean to customers?


Don’t tell them you’re here for them. Show them how. They need to know who you are, what you do, and how that helps make their lives or businesses better in a way that no other product or service can. They need to know you’re paying attention to them, that you’re listening.

What makes your business so special? That’s the wrong question. What makes your customer so special? That’s the right question, and you’d better have the right answer.

Jennifer Peterson,  President

Wavelength Marketing, LLC

3115 Nolt Road, Ste 700 | Lancaster PA 17601 | 717-823-6939

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