Voith Turbo $5M expansion project to create new jobs

Cris Collingwood//August 24, 2023

From left: Gerald Kristall, vice president of finance, CFO, Voith Turbo North America; Ann Marie Loucks, executive assistant II, Voith Turbo North America; Ralf Dreckmann, president of Voith Turbo North America; Cornelius Weitzmann, president and CEO of Voith Turbo; Tony Myers, building vice president, Kinsley Construction; and Adam Gemmill, director of operations, Voith Turbo North America, ceremoniously break ground on an expansion project at Voith Turbo’s Manchester Township plant – PHOTO/PROVIDED

Voith Turbo $5M expansion project to create new jobs

Cris Collingwood//August 24, 2023

Voith Turbo North America said it will add jobs after a $5 million expansion project is completed at its Manchester Township, York County facility. 

The company broke ground Wednesday on the project that will add 10,000 square feet to its existing 69,700-square-foot facility. In addition, 17,000 square feet of existing warehouse space will be converted into a manufacturing workshop. A portion of the warehouse storage will be moved to an offsite location.  

The expansion and warehouse conversion will result in new workshop space for increased manufacturing and service work. 

 “We are seeing an increase in manufacturing needs in many of our customer markets, but the main growth is related to the rail industry,” said Garrett Goll, director of sales, Voith Turbo Rail Business North America. 

 Through the expansion, Voith rail operations at the York workshop will transition from a mostly service-based disassembly and reassembly business to new business manufacturing, Goll said. The location will be able to support higher volume rail products like gear boxes and couplers. 

Voith Turbo said the project will result in several new jobs including workshop technicians; Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinists; project managers; engineers; field service technicians; and support and quality control positions. More jobs are expected to be added in the future to support Voith Turbo’s strategic plan. 

“Voith Turbo opened its first U.S. location in Appleton, Wis. in 1975,” said Ralf Dreckmann, president, Voith Turbo North America. “Today, we are breaking ground on a project that will continue to bring more American-made manufacturing opportunities to the skilled workforce right here in our community in York, Pa.” 

Construction on the expansion is expected to be complete by the Spring of 2024.