UPMC to increase wages by 2025

Cris Collingwood//January 12, 2023

UPMC to increase wages by 2025

Cris Collingwood//January 12, 2023

UPMC plans to increase wages for entry-level positions to $18 an hour by January 2025 to retain and recruit employees. 

UPMC said the increases will cover employees at UPMC Carlisle, UPMC Community Osteopathic, UPMC Hanover, UPMC Harrisburg, UPMC Lititz, UPMC Lock Haven, UPMC Memorial, UPMC Muncy, UPMC Wellsboro, UPMC West Shore and UPMC Williamsport, as well as its outpatient clinics and ambulatory centers. 

John Galley

 Minimum starting wages for entry-level positions at UPMC’s additional sites in Southwest Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and Southwest New York will reach $18 an hour by January 2026.   

 This action, based on UPMC’s continual evaluation of the market, UPMC said, solidifies its reputation as a highly desirable employer, with industry-leading total compensation packages, a focus on work-life balance and significant opportunities for career advancement. With nearly 95,000 employees across all facilities, UPMC is the largest non-government employer in Pennsylvania, UPMC said. 

“In 2016, we were the first health care system in Pennsylvania to announce and achieve $15 an hour and this next step demonstrates our commitment to support our workforce and attract new talent,” said John Galley, UPMC senior vice president and chief human resource officer. “Once again, UPMC is the first health care employer in the state to make this commitment, and we are proud to lead the way to $18 an hour.” 

Galley said in addition to increasing entry-level wages, “We aggressively move our salary ranges each year as the market moves, to ensure we remain the health care employer of choice. At $18 an hour, UPMC employees will earn more than double the current minimum wage in Pennsylvania.”  

Those making $18 an hour and taking full advantage of UPMC’s salary and benefits package will earn the equivalent of $27 an hour, Galley said. 

“We are particularly pleased to offer entry-level employment where there are many opportunities to join UPMC to build upon technical skills and training,” said Galley. “UPMC employees consistently demonstrate their commitment by providing exceptional patient care and customer service. And as part of UPMC’s dedication to our valued employees, we provide career pathways with financial support to help all employees grow and learn so that they can stretch their knowledge and skills and advance their careers.” 

Wages and benefits for UPMC employees represented by unions will continue to be negotiated by their respective unions.