More ways to eat on the cheap

admincpp//May 29, 2012

More ways to eat on the cheap

admincpp//May 29, 2012

Need more money saving tips for eating out on a budget? Check out these deals to keep more money in your pocket when you eat out.

Become a Fan

If your family likes to frequent certain restaurants, make sure to sign up for their email listing or become a fan on Facebook. You’ll get coupons and special offers sent straight to your in box and special notice of events or promotions the company is running.

Order H2O

Since the cost of drinks can add up quickly, consider ordering water the next time you’re out to eat. With the price of a soda starting around $2 at some restaurants, a family of four can quickly save money.

Lunchtime savings

If you can swing it, try eating out during lunch time. Many restaurants offer smaller portion sizes at lunch for more affordable prices. If you go out for dinner, be sure to ask your server if you can order the lunch portion anyway. It never hurts to ask. The Olive Garden offers this option for many of its dishes.

Have you looked online?

Look at www.Restaurant.com, a website that allows you to purchase gift certificates to local restaurants for a fraction of the price. A quick search of my zip code turned up 14 restaurants that participate and many included discounts of more than 50 percent. And, if you use a coupon code, your savings will be even greater. Remember to read the fine print—some include a minimum purchase requirement.

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