The anchor: MSNBC host finds ‘home away from home’ in Lititz

MSNBC host finds 'home away from home' in Lititz

Mika Brzezinski and her husband, WABC investigative reporter Jim Hoffer, have a house in Hoffer's hometown of Lititz. - (Photo / MSNBC)

When Mika Brzezinski wants to get away from the craziness of co-hosting her morning news program “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, she likes to hit the road with her husband, WABC investigative reporter Jim Hoffer, and head to Lancaster County.

They’ve had a house in Hoffer’s hometown of Lititz for the past few years, but lately she doesn’t get to spend nearly as much time there as she’d like, partly because of taking her “Know Your Value” message on the road.

In 2012, Brzezinski published the bestselling book “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth” as a financial negotiation guide for women. This year she released a follow-up called “Grow Your Value” and launched a five-city “Know Your Value” tour to empower women in the workplace and provide a road map to the common challenges they face — from communication and social skills to interviewing and salaries.


Lives: New York City area and Lititz

Works: Co-host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC

College: Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.

Stress relief: Jogging

Her new goal, the long-time journalist says, is to “brand a movement.”

Q: Was the “Know Your Value” tour a success?

A: It’s been a remarkable success. We had a sold-out crowd in all five cities and recently did our final event in Orlando. But we’re going to build on it now and keep going. I don’t know yet how many more cities we’re going to do, but we’ll be announcing a new tour very soon, probably for the spring.

What were some of the high points for you?

I’m not a household name like Barbara Walters or Meredith Vieira, so it was remarkable that so many people came out for the tour. What I took from it is that women really want to know their value. They’re hungry for this message. Also, I’m stunned by the celebrities who wrapped their arms around this project — Martha Stewart, Brooke Shields, Rachael Ray, Elizabeth Warren. For them to fly somewhere and give a whole day to this message is just incredible.

Did growing up in Washington, D.C., and having a father who was so involved in world politics (Zbigniew Brzezinski was President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser) help to guide you into a journalism career?

It did. It exposed me to the world and made me curious. And it attracted me to telling stories. I got to go to China, and I was at Camp David during the peace accords between Israel and Egypt, so I met a lot of leaders when I was young and was exposed to so many social issues.

How about the women in your life?

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