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Talking insurance with Andrew Enders, of Enders Insurance

Andrew Enders became an active member of his family’s insurance agency, Harrisburg-based Enders Insurance, when he was 15.

While his teen years at the business would eventually lead to him joining the firm and becoming its vice president and general council, Enders first job was as the deputy district attorney for the Dauphin County District Attorney’s office.

In 2011, Enders joined Enders Insurance full time, following in the footsteps of his uncle, father and grandfather.

Enders has a doctorate in law from Widener University Commonwealth Law School and a bachelor of science in economics from Penn State University.

He lives in midtown Harrisburg with his wife, Megan.

Q: What sort of an influence did Ender have on you as a kid?

A: It influenced me and excited me as a potential career path but it was balanced by the fact that my mom didn’t work here— she was a school teacher and administrator. I had a balance between the two that was pretty exciting.

Growing up, there was never any pressure to join the business. It was very organic. My parents offered me the opportunity to work in the business. I learned a lot from working with my father, uncle and grandfather but I wanted to explore other options.

Q: Why was it important in your career that you worked somewhere else first?

A: A family business can be very insular and can become very closed off. We have benefited as an organization from a lot of outside thought and influence.

Working in an environment like the District Attorney’s office, allowed me to develop a whole set of skills that I wouldn’t have had without working there. Working with all kinds of personalities in very adversarial relationships, I could develop and hone skills there that I wouldn’t have learned as quickly in the business

Q: How have you been able to help direct the company’s growth?

Strategic initiatives I’ve been most proud of and had the biggest impact on have been in the realm of our team management and our people resources. 

Our people are phenomenal and what we didn’t have in the past from coming from a small family-owned agency to one with 50 employees, were strong policies and procedures to move us forward to become a more modern organization. That is something I wanted to encourage and move forward. 

Q: What about your structure led you to handling COVID-19?

We are positioned with a strong communication structure and the ability to take our team remote with a moment’s notice. We are mobilizing our team in a very quick manner because of the structure we have.

We are now moving people to working at their homes because we had already made an investment five years ago that gave us the ability to continue to operate even in the midst of a disaster.

For us in the insurance industry, that’s important because there will be needs to address for our clients. Answering seriously challenging questions from our clients regarding their insurance coverage.

Ioannis Pashakis
Ioannis Pashakis is the Central Penn Business Journal's assistant editor. Email him at [email protected].

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