Best gas station food? Survey says it’s Wawa

Wawa beats out other gas stations nationwide for having the best food, in a new survey from Payless Power.

The suburban Philadelphia-based convenience store chain, which is expanding farther into central Pennsylvania as well as other states, was the top choice in this category among 1,011 Americans asked about their gas station preferences.

Costco and Sheetz, which also have a presence in the region, did well, too.

Some other highlights from the survey:

· Overall, Costco was No. 1, Sam’s Club No. 3, Wawa No. 4 and Sheetz No. 5 in the ranking of America’s best stops.

· Costco was the cleanest and cheapest gas station. Wawa was fourth cleanest.

· Wawa had the most spent on each visit on average, $84.46, and the shortest average time, 16 minutes.

· Sheetz and Costco ranked third and fourth, respectively, as having the best food.

Of the 57% men and 43% women surveyed, 10% were baby boomers, 22% were Gen X, 43% were millennials and 25% were Gen Z.

Paula Wolf is a freelance writer

Harrisburg train station, bus terminal to get new HVAC system

The Harrisburg Transportation Center will receive $635,000 in federal funds to pay for a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey announced Friday.

Each year, more than 1.5 million people each pass through the hub, using Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses, a release said. The Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority has operated the 135-year-old station, which is owned by Amtrak, since 1983.

Much of the existing system, including the cooling tower, pumps and chiller, were installed over two decades ago. After the redevelopment authority contacted Casey’s office about the need to replace the unit, Congress earmarked money for the project in its most recent budget, signed into law in March.

“This was urgent because of what we saw during the … pandemic,” Casey said in the release. “Air quality can help prevent the spread of the virus. Even absent that though, it’s critical we make these investments as part of a larger set of investments to improve the basic infrastructure of this historic building.”

The approval process will take a few months to work through the Federal Transit Administration and Amtrak. Once the redevelopment authority receives the funds, it will seek bids for the project.

“We need, and deserve, a station fitting for a capital city,” added Harrisburg Mayor Wanda Williams, “and we’re incredibly grateful for the work (redevelopment authority executive director) Bryan Davis and his team did to ask for these funds, and for Sen. Casey for delivering the money to the people who need it most.”