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Confessions of An Introverted (Kind of) Mom

When I was a child, I was repeatedly labeled as “shy.” I was never the most verbose kid on the block. As the younger of two daughters, I was perfectly content listening to my bubbly and chatty mother and older sister. Throughout my primary school years, my “shyness” spilled over into interactions with peers and ...

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Paulette Cercega: Ideas for setting our ADHD child up for a successful school year in 2020

Let’s face it: the upcoming school year will be one of the most challenging ever. Whether homeschooling, cyber schooling, or face-to-face schooling, you know it’ll be a rollercoaster ride! For parents with an ADHD kid, the forthcoming year will likely be a level (or five) above what parents of a neurotypical child will experience. However, ...

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