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Let’s hear it for the stay-at-home dads

I often forget that we are not the typical U.S. family. Only about 20% of American households with children have a stay-at-home parent anymore, and only a small percentage of these families feature a stay-at-home dad. What’s more, I am a female entrepreneur with a small business

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Finding pockets of happiness in the chaos: take a minute with me before you break

I realize 2021 just started, but doesn’t it feel kind of like we’re extending a yearlong experience of a toddler who raided the snack drawer, missed their naptime and probably has a stinky diaper? It’s been chaotic, loud, and WHY is everything so sticky?

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2020 taught us we can connect virtually

I realize it’s entirely cliché to look back at the year that just passed, but 2020 certainly was… interesting. I didn’t learn a new hobby or how to bake bread or start a business. I do feel like I learned some things, but a lot of it was reinforcing old lessons I’d kind of forgotten. ...

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The greatest give you can give is yourself

I was not raised to sit still. I was raised to make good use of my time and improve the lives of others, whenever possible. During the holidays, I usually find myself volunteering for local nonprofits, exchanging cookies with my friend, Kristen, and her loved ones, or watching “The Boy,” (my son,) perform in Open ...

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Beth Montgomery

Beth Montgomery: Sharing the holidays with two households

Christmas Eve 2013: I was driving from my parent’s house where we exchanged presents and stuffed ourselves with good “Mom-Mom” food. I was heading to drop my kids off at their father’s house where they would wake up to Santa's splendor.

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