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Beth Montgomery

Beth Montgomery: The (Not So) Scary Truth About Being A Sober Mom; A Continuation

I had my last drink on July 11th, 2020, smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic while most of my peers had an increase in their alcohol consumption. Since it’s “Sober October,” I thought it would be appropriate to follow up with a continuation of that first sober article I wrote in August, ...

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Bitsy McCann: Why not ‘Mama?”

My kid won’t say mama. It’s rude, right? I carried her for nine-plus months, experienced extreme everything, changed my diet drastically (gestational diabetes, y’all), and suffered a migraine in my third trimester so intense I thought I was having a stroke. I forgot how to form words. Have you ever tried to call 911, and ...

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Jen Deinlein: Having difficult conversations can help other moms

You’re probably very aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity, with breast cancer awareness and education as our national philanthropy, I’ve been proud to also help honor survivors. But it’s in the past year that I’ve become aware of someone else we should celebrate: the “previvors” ...

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Home School 237 Is Failing

Some parents just do not have the luxury or the option to stay home to solely focus on their children and running their homes. I am one of those parents that must work in order to keep a roof over our heads, shoes on our feet, and food to stock the fridge. Right now I ...

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Confessions of An Introverted (Kind of) Mom

When I was a child, I was repeatedly labeled as “shy.” I was never the most verbose kid on the block. As the younger of two daughters, I was perfectly content listening to my bubbly and chatty mother and older sister. Throughout my primary school years, my “shyness” spilled over into interactions with peers and ...

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Beth Montgomery: Quitting perfection can be quite perfect

I’m done trying to be the perfect mom Yup, I’m done, I quit. That load is way too heavy for me to carry, and I will never live up to the expectations. My own or someone else’s. Notice: I’m done trying to be the PERFECT mom.  She doesn’t exist. Seriously, hear me out. For way ...

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What if some of these COVID changes actually stick?

What if we learned some permanent lessons from the pandemic? I recently went to Target – something I’ve done far less frequently in the time of COVID-19 – and as I waited in line, I noticed an associate sanitizing the shopping carts.  And it struck me: Why couldn’t this be a regular thing? Extra sanitation ...

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Tashia James: I want my son to be seen for his kind character

After a lifetime of forgetting to feed fish, failing to water plants, and returning infants their caretakers the moment they cried or soiled their diapers, I was positive motherhood was not going to be a part of my story.  The universe had a different plan for me at age of 24 when my son arrived ...

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