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The greatest give you can give is yourself

I was not raised to sit still. I was raised to make good use of my time and improve the lives of others, whenever possible. During the holidays, I usually find myself volunteering for local nonprofits, exchanging cookies with my friend, Kristen, and her loved ones, or watching “The Boy,” (my son,) perform in Open ...

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Beth Montgomery

Beth Montgomery: Sharing the holidays with two households

Christmas Eve 2013: I was driving from my parent’s house where we exchanged presents and stuffed ourselves with good “Mom-Mom” food. I was heading to drop my kids off at their father’s house where they would wake up to Santa's splendor.

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Bitsy McCann

Instant coffee fuels thoughts on love, good parenting and self improvement

On a recent trip to Vermont to visit one of my favorite people, I became addicted to instant coffee. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking – freeze dried, just add hot water, instant coffee. I loved it so much that Shirley (fav person) sent me home with some for my pantry. I am telling you ...

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Beautiful things happen when you find your tribe

As a single mother, I have often had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Unfortunately, I was not always able to take my son, known as The Boy, to work with me. When my mother was unable to babysit, I had to pay a babysitter and that often took the majority of the ...

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