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Allentown financial firm, Stoudt Associates, merges with RKL (access required)

Lancaster-based, RKL LLP, one of the largest CPA and advisory firms serving Central and Eastern Pennsylvania has expanded its presence in the Lehigh Valley through the merger with Allentown-based Stoudt Associates LLC.  “This merger with Stoudt Associates brings us closer to our valued clients in the Lehigh Valley and allows us to build new relationships within the business ...

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The pandemic has changed M&A contractual agreements

COVID-19 has profoundly affected all of us.  There is no area of our lives that has escaped its wrath. From the loved ones lost to the lives that have been forever changed, from our restricted social interactions to our ever-changing workplace policies and practices, and from the youngest among us to the oldest, virtually nothing and no one has avoided being touched in some way.   

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Guest view: Retirement plans should be piece of M&A puzzle

Throughout the M&A process, executives are hyper-focused on company synergies and big-picture goals. As a result, one very important factor often goes overlooked – the employer’s retirement plans. There are many details to consider when acquiring a company. Understanding the seller’s retirement plan and how it will fit within the current benefit structure is vital to success.

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Guest view: How to take the hands off before a hand-off

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they know something about a particular industry, its practices, its products and services, and its customers. Generally, they believe they can do whatever it takes to match or beat competitors profitably and successfully. Many new businesses don’t survive, but for those that do, the belief of the founder that ...

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