Kegel’s Produce awarded ‘Safe Food’ certification

Raw organic spring farmers market box with multiple vegetables. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lancaster County wholesale distributor Kegel’s Produce was recently awarded the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification from SAI Global, an international risk management company based in Chicago.

The SQF Certification is the highest level quality and safety program recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a food safety management system requiring manufacturers to meet benchmark quality standards.

To be considered for the certification, Kegel’s had to meet certain requirements, including the presentation of a safety proposal, conducting a pre-assessment of its facilities and an on-site audit from an independent certification body.

“Kegel’s Produce is extremely proud to have achieved the highest level of food safety and quality certification within the food industry,” said Kenneth G. Myers, the company’s COO. “With the addition of our SQF Certification, we are taking every measurable step to protect our customers from any harmful biological and physical factors.”

To maintain its SQF Certification status, Kegel’s has to undergo annual audits from SAI Global to ensure consistency and adherence to the standards and requirements of the program.

Based in East Hempfield Township, Kegel’s has been in operation since 1948, serving as a fourth-generation, family-owned wholesale produce supplier throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.