Kyle C. Snyder

Kyle C. Snyder

Senior vice president and COO

Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center

As senior vice president and chief operating officer of Holy Spirit Medical Center, he is responsible for its daily operations, managing and developing staff, and ensuring high quality care and strong fiscal operations.

Snyder joined Penn State Health system with the November 1, 2020 transfer of ownership of Holy Spirit Health System, where he served as chief administrative officer for Holy Spirit Hospital since 2015. In this role, he was responsible for the operations of Holy Spirit Hospital, Holy Spirit Medical Group and Holy Spirit EMS.

He helped develop a comprehensive clinical program plan, which established the direction for clinical program growth at Geisinger Holy Spirit and served as the resource that guided the investment of capital, the recruitment of physicians and staff and the transition from a community hospital to a regional referral center for south central Pennsylvania.

Mary Grace Simcox, EdD, RN

Mary Grace Simcox, EdD, RN


Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

As the founding president of the college, which is part of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, Dr. Simcox leads the only institution in Lancaster solely dedicated to the education of healthcare professionals. “With nearly 2,000 students, it’s an honor and privilege to be responsible for preparing Lancaster County’s future healthcare workforce,” she said.

She has served as the president of the college since its inception in 2001. As President, she has had the rare opportunity to turn several nursing and allied health diploma programs into a fully accredited health sciences college.

“To witness the growth of the college from a few hundred students to nearly 2,000—including so many first-generation and minority students— is something to cherish,” she said. The most important life lesson she’s learned: Opportunities are blessings. “In my life, I’ve been given many opportunities. Had I ignored them out of fear, I would have missed out on chances to make a real difference. As I reflect, I am grateful for those who believed in me and saw what I didn’t see in myself,” Simcox said.

She and her husband like to experience different places and cultures. Although she’s traveled abroad, Simcox knows there are some beautiful and serene places within the country. Sedona, AZ is her favorite place to visit. “Also, anyone who knows me knows that my family and four granddaughters are my greatest joy,” Simcox said.

Todd Shamash

Todd Shamash

President & CEO

Capital Blue Cross

He oversees all major facets of Capital Blue Cross’ business operations, including overall performance, diversification strategy, subsidiary governance, finance, risk exposure, strategic partnerships, and growth. Shamash’s overarching responsibility is to ensure Capital Blue Cross’ place as a leading health plan in one of the country’s most competitive healthcare environments.

Shamash has been with Capital Blue Cross since 2012 and became CEO in April 2020.

In his current role, he’s proud of helping Capital Blue Cross make a positive, tangible impact in its communities.”

In prior public service, I’m proud of my work supporting efforts like the Children’s Health
Insurance Program (CHIP) and developing other mechanisms to help people access healthcare, like the Healthy Pennsylvania initiative and Medicaid expansion,” Shamash said.

Important life lessons: You can have knowledge, expertise and be educated, but it’s how you constructively work with people – communicate clearly, listen intently and earnestly and, yes, how you treat people – that really makes the difference, not just day-to-day, but over time. People remember if you are approachable and willing to help.

Shamash said his favorite fun moments involve family activities. “Watching my kids experience things, playing sports, with me or having me as a spectator. Taking a hike together, and the moments when we turn off the devices and play a board game. That’s when the laughter occurs and where I find happiness,” he said.

Michael Ripchinski, MD

Michael Ripchinski, MD

Chief Clinical Officer

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

As Chief Clinical Officer, Ripchinski is responsible for quality, safety and informatics/analytics across all of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health and its clinically integrated network. He also provides administrative leadership for the medical and dental Staff and collaborates with operational teams to advance the health and well-bring of the communities around Lancaster.

He has been in the chief clinical officer role since July 2018.

He is proud of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s work at the Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center. At just over 100 days of operation, the team of 1,200 people administered over 238,000 COVID-19 vaccines. “I am incredibly grateful to our community and this public-private partnership for working to help end the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

The most important life lesson he’s learned: “As I have watched my children grow into their adolescent years and no matter how much I may be engaged in working for our patients, I’m reminded on how to continually balance all of my hats: husband, father, doctor, and clinical leader.” Ripchinski said.

He enjoys vacations with family and friends. “While they sometimes compare me to Clark Griswold, I love the anticipation of a trip and really appreciate ensuring that everyone has a good time. We need to get this pandemic behind us so I can plan the next one!” he said.

Jeannine Peterson

Jeannine Peterson

President & CEO

Hamilton Health Center

Peterson serves as Hamilton Health Center’s president and CEO. Hamilton Health Center is a federally qualified health center that provides medical, social, behavioral health and dental services to over 20,000 residents of south central Pennsylvania.

Peterson has served Hamilton Health Center for over 20 years. She has over 35 years’ experience in public and community health, with a specific focus on issues that disproportionately impact minority and low income populations.

She will transition to a consulting role with Hamilton Health Center in early 2022. In that role Peterson will focus on developing and enhancing strategic partnerships and overseeing Hamilton’s new capital campaign.

The campaign will seek to raise $16 million to fund renovation and expansion plans for Hamilton’s 17th Street campus in Harrisburg.

John J. Pagan MD MBA FACS

John J. Pagan MD MBA FACS

Chairman & CEO

Pennsylvania Clinical Network (PACN)

Dr. Pagan leads a talented team dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the excellent quality care that PACN’s member physician groups provide their patients every day. The PACN empowers independent medical practices across Pennsylvania with meaningful clinical, claims, and healthcare payer information through a common information pathway.

He has served as chairman of the PACN board for two years and was named CEO in April 2021.

Dr. Pagan is proud to help shepherd this vision of the Pennsylvania Medical Society to develop the resources for our physicians to not only survive but thrive as healthcare quality payments evolve. The PACN is the culmination of that vision that allows practices of all types to transform quality care.

His most important life lesson: In addition to perseverance, having the humility to let fellow aligned, bright, and dedicated minds take good ideas to the next level. That collaboration brings greater success than any individual can achieve alone.

“Although admittedly ‘geeky’, I enjoy using parliamentary procedure to facilitate small and large groups to develop great ideas from an amalgam of individual voices,” he said. Dr. Pagan also enjoys Chesapeake sunsets and sails where the combination of wind, water, and waves elevate the moment and leave any daily stresses behind.

Robert A. Ortenzio

Robert A. Ortenzio

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Select Medical

Ortenzio is responsible for the overall strategy that guides Select Medical’s national post-acute care network. The company’s network includes more than 100 critical illness recovery hospitals, 30 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, 1,700 outpatient physical therapy centers and 525 occupational medicine clinics that treat 82,000 patients daily across 47 states and Washington, D.C.

He co-founded the company in 1997. Ortenzio has served as executive chairman since 2014, and previously held the posts of CEO, president and COO.

He is proud that Select Medical, which is headquartered in Central Pennsylvania, has grown to become a world-class company with revenues of $5.5 billion headquartered. He said three of Select Medical’s divisions are the largest providers of post-acute care in the country, and the fourth division is ranked as the second largest post-acute care provider in the country.

He shared several life lessons: To be an exceptional leader, you need to be genuine, authentic and have humility.

Humility, in particular, is the number one determinate of great leadership and a strong company culture. Self-awareness, trust, transparency and openness to embrace different viewpoints is critical to success.

John Orner

John Orner

Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer

Highmark Health

The senior vice president and chief investment officer leads the Treasury Services Division for the entire Highmark enterprise, including but not limited to the management of over $25 billion in corporate and pension assets, corporate insurance risk and captive risk portfolios and public and private debt portfolios of over $1 billion.

Orner began working for Highmark and serving in his current position in July 2021.

He said with over 30 years of experience in his profession, nothing has made him more proud than building world-class teams that are agile, progressive and execution-oriented; culminating in notable accomplishments that include record-setting sale/leaseback deals, first-ever private placement debt deals, captive insurance company formations and ringing the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

His most important life lesson: “This answer is easy, treat others how you would want to be treated; with respect, dignity, honor and an open mind and an open heart. Listen more than you speak and act more than you react,” Orner said.

He said he and his wife and are blessed to have three wonderful children (and now three wonderful spouses, grandchildren and lots of dogs) with whom we enjoy spending time; mostly traveling (which we miss dearly because of COVID), boating, skiing, snowmobiling and golfing.

Leslie O’ Dell, OD FAAO

Leslie O’ Dell, OD FAAO

Clinical Director

Medical Optometry America

Medical Optometry America is a first of its kind optometry practice located in southern York County. As a residency trained optometrist, Dr. O’Dell offers a full array of non-surgical eye care, as demand for those services increases from annual dilated diabetic eye care to dry eye care and all of your eye care wellness in between. She also manages day-to-day operations of the practice and oversees all patient care.

She has been working with the Medical Optometry America team for nearly two years, but the practice officially opened in January 2021.

Dr. O’Dell is proud of being a pioneer on a national basis in the testing and treatment of Dry Eye Disease. Currently she is a Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society Global Ambassador in the US and is part of global initiative to research the lifestyle factors worsening dry eye disease for patients. “Working with the team at Medical Optometry America to help transform my profession with a new concept in Optometry is another accomplishment of which I am proud. I very much enjoy working with patients and helping people,” she said.

She shares several life lessons: Always keep learning, always keep growing. Always strive for something greater. I also think it is important to learn from more experienced mentors, but also lend your time to help educate, inspire and guide the next generations of leaders as well,” Dr. O’Dell said. She and her husband are proud parents to two amazing kids, so family time is top priority. “We enjoy the beach, kids’ sports and activities and getting outdoors whenever we can,” she said.

Bill McPhee

Bill McPhee

President & CEO


McPhee is responsible for achieving the company’s vision of eliminating blindness caused by AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). This requires raising and deploying capital, committing to continued technology development, as well as finding the best talent and providing an environment where employees flourish.

He sat on the MacuLogix board for two years before transitioning into his current role, which he’s held for five years and counting.

The pride McPhee feels about the rapid adoption of the company’s technology isn’t a direct result of something he, alone, achieved. “I simply built a first-class team that, in turn, revolutionized how to find and monitor the leading cause of blindness in the US. My pride is a gift made possible by my team’s progress,” he said.

Humility has been crucial to his personal success. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. Plans crumble, markets behave unexpectedly, and pandemics hit hard. We can’t always predict these blows. The secret is to not let them break you. Learn from what you couldn’t see before and rebound. Likewise, if everything was already good enough, there would be no innovation,” McPhee said.

For McPhee, work is fun. “I like building stuff—especially stuff that improves public health and quality of life.

The AdaptDx {a device developed by MacuLogix to test patients for AMD} helps doctors detect and manage AMD before the disease destroys lives. Anything I can do to forward that cause brings me joy. And when I’m not working, I enjoy downhill skiing and spoiling my daughters,” he said.

Robert May

Robert May

Executive Director

Lancaster EMS

As executive director, May is responsible for the overall administrative, strategic, regulators and clinical practices of Lancaster EMS. In his position, he is also responsible for continuously aligning the organization’s mission-focused business strategies with community needs.

He has been in his position for 25 years.

May is proud of having a leadership role in the partnering of two competing hospitals to form Lancaster EMS. The partnership has resulted in multiple efficiencies that have saved significant healthcare dollars.

He shared several important life lessons: Never settle for the status quo. Dream big, then act, fully committed to achieving the goal even when it may not initially seem obtainable. Humility and integrity are vital foundational elements. Acknowledge and appreciate all of those that provide support and had a role in your success along the way.

May’s recreational passion is flying. A “dream big” goal was to attain his private pilot’s license. For fun, he and his wife enjoy long weekends by exploring new destinations by airplane. There’s an amazing sense of freedom when you’re airborne. “A mile of road will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.”—Author unknown

Steve Massini

Steve Massini


Penn State Health

As the CEO of Penn State Health, Massini has responsibility for overseeing all the clinical operations and administrative operations necessary to support the organization and its employees.

He’s been in the position of CEO for 18 months and has been with Penn State Health for six years. Other positions he’s held at Penn State Health include CFO and CAO.

Massini is proud of being part of an incredible team that has navigated through a pandemic and continued to serve patients, employees and the broader community with minimal disruption. “I am especially proud of how our front line and support staff have managed through this very difficult time,” he said.

An important life lesson he’s learned is : paying attention to and following simple values such as kindness, compassion, empathy, integrity and teamwork can get you through the tough times. “Practicing the golden rule and treating people as you would like to be treated has always served me well,” Massini said.

“Family is very important in my life and I absolutely love spending time with my growing family including our newest grandchild. We love spending time outdoors, especially time at the beach, fishing and boating. We are also big Penn State fans and enjoy football weekends up at Happy Valley,” he said.