CONTEST: Picture books about the world around – and beyond – us

We have one dozen beautifully illustrated picture books from Holiday House Publishing and Dawn Publications to give away to one lucky reader! Please note: the winner will have to come to our offices in Harrisburg to pick up the books in person.

july-29-silent-swoopSilent Swoop: An Owl, an Egg, and a Warm Shirt Pocket, written by Michelle Houts and illustrated by Deb Hoeffner. (Dawn Publications, $8.95, Sept. 1, 2019) An owl swoops down to lay her egg in a coal yard–a dangerous spot for a fragile egg. Saved by a bird expert with a big heart, the egg miraculously hatches. This is a tender story of rescue, rehabilitation and, most of all, friendship.

july-29-colorsColors, written by Shelly Rotner and Anne Woodhull, photography by Shelly Rotner. (Holiday House, $17.99, July 9, 2019) A red fire truck races, orange pumpkins glow, and purple flowers bloom in vivid pictures of familiar things that inspire children to look more carefully at their environment.

july-29-a-quieter-storyA Quieter Story, written and illustrated by Liza Woodruff. (Margaret Furguson Books for Holiday House, $18.99, July 9, 2019) When a girl starts to write a story about her kitten, he doesn’t like it one bit. So the girl creates an adventure filled with hyenas, snakes, robots and more. The kitten realizes that sometimes adventures can be too scary.

july-29-the-quisksand-bookTomie dePaola’s The Quicksand Book, written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. (Holiday House, $17.99, May 14, 2019). Remember when you were a child and you spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about how you would get out if you ever found yourself in quicksand? Tomie dePaola’s delightfully funny and informative book about quicksand first came out in 1977 and has been re-released for a new generation.

july-29-i-digI Dig, written and illustrated by Joe Cepeda. (Holiday House, $15.99, May 14, 2019). This Guided Reading Level C book uses just 14 words throughout the story, with whimsical pictures sure to engage the early reader.

july-29-field-trip-to-the-moonField Trip to the Moon, illustrated by John Hare. (Margaret Furguson Books for Holiday House, $17.99, May 14, 2019) It’s field trip day, and students are excited to travel from their space station to the moon; but one falls asleep and is left behind at the end of the field trip. This story about the student’s adventure while awaiting rescue is told solely with beautiful illustrations.

july-29-hum-and-swishHum and Swish, written and illustrated by Matt Myers. (Holiday House, $18.99, July 11, 2019) Jamie doesn’t know what she’s making yet, nor when it will be done, but on a sunny day like this at the beach, that’s OK.

july-29-lets-scare-bearLet’s Scare Bear, written and illustrated by Yuko Katakawa. (Holiday House, $17.99, July 11, 2019) While feasting on manju cakes, Mouse, Fox, Spider and Snake plot to scare their neighbor, Bear. But Bear is the bravest animal in the forest. The only thing he says he’s scared of is manju.

july-29-and-the-bullfrog-singsAnd the Bullfrogs Sing: A life cycle begins, written by David L. Harrison, illustrated by Kate Cosgrove. (Holiday House, $17.99, May 21, 2019). Eggs hatch and become tadpoles. The tadpoles nibble plants. They grow legs and start to breathe. Now they are little bullfrogs. They eat flies, fish, and spiders. In the winter they hibernate. And after three years, they are adult bullfrogs. Lyrical prose and elegant art depict the life cycle of a bullfrog in this nonfiction picture book by an award-winning poet-biologist.

july-29-birds-of-a-fetaherBirds of a Feather: Bowerbirds and Me, written and illustrated by Susan L. Roth. (Neal Porter Books for Holiday House, $18.99, May 14, 2019) Bowerbirds are small birds found in Australia and New Guinea that create striking “collages” from all sorts of materials they find in the habitats. And that’s how award-winning artist Susan L. Roth creates her artwork. This stunning picture book is an homage to both.

july-29-the-moon-bookThe Moon Book: New and Updated, written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons. (Holiday House, $18.99, May 14, 2019) This new edition provides up-to-date information based on recent discoveries and includes an updated map of the moon’s surface.

july-29-the-reasons-for-the-seasonsThe Reasons for the Seasons: New and Updated, written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons. (Holiday House, $18.99, May 14, 2019) Why is there winter in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time there is summer in the Northern Hemisphere? This book provides an explanation of how the position of Earth in relation to the sun causes seasons, and the wonders that come with each one.



Contest rules:

  • Must be at least 18 years old to enter
  • One entry per email address.
  • Deadline to enter is Sunday, August 11, 2019, at midnight.
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  • No purchase necessary.
  • Contest is for all 12 books, detailed above. There will be one winner for all 12 titles.


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