Kreider Farms’ former property purchased by Fenner Precision Polymers

Property formerly owned by Kreider Farms has been purchased by Fenner Precision Polymers. 

A Michelin Group Company, Fenner announced the purchase of 41 acres zoned for light industrial development in Penn Township in Lancaster County. 

Citing growth, Fenner plans to consolidate most of its manufacturing plant sites in Pennsylvania into one location. Fenner looks to develop the site, located at 426 Hostetter Road in Manheim, as a 400,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. 

Jack Krecek, divisional managing director for Fenner, noted that manufacturing remains the top leading contributor to GDP in Lancaster County and is the second leading employment sector. 

By reducing the number of its plants, Fenner looks to streamline operations and improve staff collaboration. In alignment with the Michigan Group’s ambition to have net-zero emissions by 2050, Fenner sought a site that would minimize environmental impact. Developing a new site allows the company to utilize energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy sources and to reduce waste. 

The property was zoned for light industrial development in 2011 and is located within the region’s designated urban growth boundary. 

Fenner is expected to conduct building design and land development through the remainder of the year. Construction is planned to be completed in phases over the ensuing five years. The initial phase of construction is scheduled to start in 2024, with building occupancy slated for 2025. 

Fenner’s site describes it as “a company of several preferred brands in manufacturing products in polymetric, metal and textile-based industries.”