York County Solid Waste Authority’s new budget raises tipping fee

Under the York County Solid Waste Authority’s newly approved 2023 budget, the tipping fee (cost of disposal) for processible municipal solid waste at the York County Resource Recovery Center will climb 2.8%, from $70 per ton to $72 per ton.

The minimum fee to dispose of waste will be $20 for up to 540 pounds.

“Under this increase, the cost of waste disposal alone for an average York County household will be approximately $1.52 per week,” a 4-cent increase, Dave Vollero, authority executive director, said in a release.

“This is based on an average household waste generation rate of 1.1 tons of trash per year. The household annual average cost to York County residents for waste collection and disposal services is approximately $310 a year, of which just $79 accounts for the disposal portion of those fees.”

The authority said the jump in the tipping fee is a response to rising operational costs and is below most cost-of-living indices.

Three revenue streams support the authority’s operations: the tipping fee at the York County Resource Recovery Center, the sale of metals from combustion ash and the sale of electricity generated by the facility.

In addition to the recovery center, those operations include the Small Load Drop-off Facility, the Recycling Drop-off Center, the Education Center, the York County Sanitary Landfill/Hopewell Area Recreation Complex, electronics recycling and community outreach efforts, and other programs aimed at waste reduction and recycling.

Paula Wolf is a freelance writer