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Hotels still suffering the impact of COVID-19 travel decline

  The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced the number of people travelling both for business and leisure, and as Labor Day approaches hotel operators are saying it’s been a cruel summer. The American Hotel & Lodging Association reports that 65% of hotels in the country have been operating below the breakeven point even the traditional ...

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Business leaders talk about 2021 with cautious optimism as they wait for a vaccine.

Companies from Central Pennsylvania to the Lehigh Valley keep adjusting to the challenges brought by COVID-19, with some of the lessons changing corporate cultures and shaping business plans for 2021. In recent interviews with company leaders in the region, they relay how some of the challenges have created new policies and how they yearn for a vaccine that will make 2020 a footnote.

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Where do offices fit in a post COVID environment?

The commercial real estate industry has yet to see how changing attitudes surrounding virtual work will affect the midstate’s stock of office properties.  And while many offices may still close in the coming months, experts in the region think the need for physical office space will prevail.

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