Medical scribe company increases services after merger

A Harrisburg-based medical scribe service is increasing its offerings to health care providers after completing a merger with a private equity firm.

C2 Solutions provides hospitals and practices with specialists trained to document information for doctors. The company was recently acquired by Westport, Connecticut-based Perun Capital LLC and has rebranded itself as it adds new technology-based services.

Under its new name, Clinical Information Management Systems, or CIMS, the company has added a number of services for area doctors, including metrics analysis and insurance denials prevention.

“C2 started off being highly focused on the scribing aspect,” said Caitie Trevenen, vice president of operations for CIMS. “With the merger, we are growing into a more comprehensive company.”

C2 Solutions was started in 2014 by two PinnacleHealth emergency room doctors and since it began, the company has kept a strong focus on growing its scribe service.

The company employs over 120 people, mostly medical students, who follow doctors into exam rooms and record their interactions with patients. The service allows a doctor to focus their time on one-on-one work with the patient and less time on documenting.

CIMS has working relationship with health care providers such as UPMC Harrisburg and the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania.

Perun Capital specializes in acquiring companies with the intention of introducing automation to certain aspects of the business.

In the coming years, Alex Paluch, a principal of Perun Capital, said the company plans to utilize a series of applications that will take the back office work in health care CMIS specializes in and automate it.

“This was an attempt here where we bought a company at the front end of the data capture side and we identified some tools we could use to automate the data capture and revenue side going forward,” Paluch said.

CMIS will also look into training a group of employees with more experience in the software the company will be using along with the company’s current scribes.

One of the major services the company is focusing on along with scribing is billing reimbursement.

With the help of a variety of software, employees work with doctors to provide the best documentation for billing reimbursement possible. The better the documentation on an insurance claim, the less likely it is that there is missing data or problems with formatting that can cause an insurance company to reject the claim and lengthen the time it takes for a health provider to be reimbursed.

The added services will bring an increase of cost, but Trevenen said the company has a flex cost model that allows providers to choose what works best for their budget. Even smaller practices find the scribe services useful, she said, because having an assistant doing all of the computer-based work means that doctors can erase up to 20 minutes of lag between patients that was once squared away for charting.

Perun also brings with it connections throughout Connecticut and New York, which Trevenen said opens the opportunity for growth outside of the state.