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Amazon is everywhere. Here’s how the US could break it up

New York (CNN Business)-On any given day, you might receive a package you ordered from Amazon, log onto a website hosted by Amazon, ask an Amazon device about the weather and grab groceries at a Whole Foods owned by Amazon. Amazon is more than just the "everything store." It's become something of an "everything company" that touches nearly every corner of our lives and the economy.

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Panel pushes ahead legislation targeting Big Tech’s power

A House panel pushed ahead Wednesday with ambitious legislation that could curb the market power of tech giants Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple and force them to sever their dominant platforms from their other lines of business. Conservative Republican lawmakers haggled over legislative language and pushed concerns of perceived anti-conservative bias in online platforms but couldn’t halt the bipartisan momentum behind the package.

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Amazon, Apple, Walmart are offering virtual summer camp programs for kids (access required)

All the talk may be about heading back to school, but before we get to debates over homeschool pods and virtual classrooms, summer 2020 isn’t over for many students — and families. Although many kids are spending their vacation days close to home, they can still enjoy summer camp activities that range from do-it-yourself mini ...

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