Mid Penn Bank CFO talks sustainable growth and fostering personal relationships

The Central Penn Business Journal recently spoke with Allison Johnson, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer at Mid Penn Bank 

Johnson, 38, was appointed to her role at the Millersburg-based financial institution in May 2022.  

She has most recently served as chief financial officer of Spirit of Texas Bank, where she had worked since 2016. Before that, she was an SEC reporting manager at Florida Community Bank, a fund accountant for Sun Capital Partners, LLC, and auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 

Before coming to Mid Penn Bank, you worked with banks in Texas and Florida. Do you find there are different needs in the different markets, or are there some that are just universal?  

Lending needs are pretty much universal, particularly on commercial real estate and consumer lending. Commercial and industrial lending varies slightly depending on what part of the country you are in. For example, Florida has a big emphasis on hospitality and other related services, Texas has a concentration of oil and gas lending and corresponding industries, and here in Pennsylvania there is much more manufacturing. At the end of the day though, borrowers are looking for a personalized relationship with 

their lending officer and a quick and efficient lending process. Being able to offer a personalized experience with speed at competitive rates should be the goal of banks in any market.  

What are you pulling from those previous experiences to help Mid Penn grow? 

I’ve seen the good and the bad of rapid growth amongst banks. The goal is sustainable growth where each growth period generates a positive return on equity to fuel the next growth period. Continuously going to the capital markets for more capital to grow through acquisitions that may or may not be accretive to earnings is not sustainable.  

With growth comes risk and managing that increased risk is what is key to a bank’s success. I am able to rely on my previous experiences to assist Mid Penn with its growth trajectory and avoid some common mistakes.  

What do you think are the keys to helping customers feel financially secure in the midst of economic uncertainty?  

The keys to helping customers feel financially secure are having the right tools and the right products. Mid Penn prides itself on great customer service. We are here to help and we hope that our customers know that they are not facing these uncertain times alone.  

Whether you need a checking or savings account, have a small business need, are concerned about retirement, or are in need of an insurance product, we offer a broad array of products and services through the bank as well as other lines of business to help our customers navigate all of their financial needs from end to end.  

What has been your favorite thing about central Pennsylvania so far? 

The seasons! I’m an avid hiker and being able to hike the Appalachian Trail and enjoy the fall foliage is a dream come true.  

Jennifer Botchie Deinlein 


About Allison Johnson  

Johnson has a bachelor of science degree in accounting from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in accounting from Florida State University. She is also a certified public accountant. 

She lives in Harrisburg.