Switch up family dinners with a family picnic

tfitzpatrick//May 19, 2020

Switch up family dinners with a family picnic

tfitzpatrick//May 19, 2020

One of the simplest ways for families to bond and enjoy each other’s company is through food. While family dinners are important for the family dynamic, sitting at a dinner table every night can become mundane.

If you are looking to break up the family dinner routine, try going outside and hosting a family picnic.

Here are a few ways to make a family picnic easy on you and your family, according to TheSpruceEats.com:

1. Make your picnic simple: Ensure all picnic foods are simple to transport and not too heavy to carry. Paper or plastic plates and cutlery are also easier to carry.

2. Make your picnic interesting: Think finger foods. Instead of a boxed salad, try stuffing pita bread with goat’s cheese and handfuls of salad.

3. Things to avoid: Avoid ice cream, sticky puddings and cakes. They can be fragile to transport and insects will be drawn to them.

4. Make if few: Prepare just a few things to ease up on cooking.

5. Forget about courses: Spread all the food on a blanket and let everyone help themselves.

6. Plan carefully: Plan how much food you might eat. Too much and you’ll have to carry it all back.

7. Keep it cool: Use cool bags or an icebox. Put small bottles of water or juice in the freezer for a few hours before, These can double as chiller-blocks to keep your food cold.

8. Must haves: Be sure to have sunblock, napkins or hand wipes, bug spray and trash bags to clean up afterward.

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