Sunny summer savings apps: A Loving Journey

Sunny summer savings apps: A Loving Journey

As the summer is fast approaching, you may be wondering how to save more money for vacation or how to save this summer for back to school shopping in the fall?

Being a special needs parent, you may be familiar with cutting costs, but maybe you are looking for somewhere else to save a few pennies and dollars.

I have some great savings apps that are super-easy to use, so the savings adds up in a flash. From extra cash, to movies tickets and more, you can’t go wrong. And if you use coupons like I do, but don’t know how to boost your savings for cash even more extra-savings, these apps are for you. Yep, I said it.: savings apps are where it’s at.

So where do you start or what apps are out there? Never fear! Here is my list of the savings apps I love using every day. You don’t have to download them all, but if you’re like me, you will. So let the sunny summer savings begin!

My favorite sunny summer savings apps

This app offers great rebates for everyday items you buy. Just scan item code and receipt of item purchase and stock up on savings. Link your account to PayPal and once you reach $20.00 you can withdraw your money to PayPal.

Everyday coupons and deals for items, food and even places. Savings change every day.

Retail Me Not
Save at your favorite stores and restaurants with online app coupons. No need to clip coupons to save with this app.

Giants Food stores bonus card app
Just upload your bonus card to this app and start saving at check out with app coupons that link right to your bonus card.

Check Out 51
Another great savings app that you just scan purchase item on app and receipt that you bought the item and stock up on the savings. This can also be linked to your PayPal account and money withdrawn.

Target Cartwheel
Who doesn’t love to shop at Target? Now you can add items and coupons to your app that you buy in store and scan app code at checkout to add extra savings at the register. This app has it all and so much more.

Walmart Savings Catcher
Just upload the Walmart app and click on savings catcher and scan receipt codes on bottom and stock up the savings at Walmart. At any time, you can upload your savings to a Walmart gift card on your phone. Just scan you gift card UPC on your phone at check out.

Trish Schaeffer is a mom of three boys—two with special needs—and a blogger for Central Penn Parent. Follow her at www.centralpennparent.com/A-Loving-Journey. You can follow Trish on Twitter @Alovingjourney and on her Facebook group A Loving Journey-Parents of special needs kids.