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Stephan Van Der Ploog

Stephan Van Der Ploog

President & Chief Accountability Officer

Candoris, A CDI Company

Van Der Ploog’s role is primarily focused on vision, culture and mission.  As the company has grown it becomes a daily focus to make sure its culture and its key values do not get diluted.  He said he has a have a wonderful team that handles the day-to-day operations, which allows him to think strategically about company mission and vision.  “I live in the future 24 months,” he said.

He has held served in his current position since the company was founded March 6, 2011.

Van Der Ploog said watching a wonderful team of employees prove out the theory that if you put others first and always do the right thing, marvelous things can be accomplished both personally and professionally.  “In a world where we are bombarded with ‘me-first’ propaganda, it has been humbling to watch so many wonderful help build Candoris,” he said.

He shared two important life lessons: Serving others in both business and professionally fills a void in our souls that no job title, W-2 or accomplishment can.  We must stay aware that in today’s society we are constantly being pushed towards smothering ourselves in the pursuit of comfort.

Van Der Ploog enjoys the blessing of his family, laying down epic lawn stripes with his mower and playing golf.

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