State selling rare whiskeys

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is holding a lottery this week to sell off a collection of rare bourbon and rye whiskeys, including some that cost nearly $600 a bottle.

The state will hold four lottery drawings with 665 bottles of whiskey up for grabs through Saturday.

The lottery program was developed in recent years as a way to more equitably distribute products that are available in limited supplies and often sell out online in a matter of minutes, the PLCB said.

The first of the four drawings will include 12 bottles of Booker’s Kentucky Straight Rye, a 136-proof straight rye whiskey that was aged for 13 years. The retail price for each bottle is $599.99.

The second drawing will feature 101 bottles of Four Roses Limited Edition 2017. This blend of 15-, 13- and 12-year-old bourbons is 108 proof and will sell for $124.99 per bottle.

The PLCB will also sell 120 bottles of Parker’s Heritage Collection Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 11th Edition, an 11-year-old bourbon at 122 proof, for $139.99 per bottle. 

For more conservative buyers, the fourth drawing will include 432 bottles of Elmer T. Lee Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a 90-proof bottle that sells for $37.99.

The PLCB reserves 25 percent of the lottery offerings for retail licensees. The rest are open to individual consumers.

Each person selected in the random drawing can purchase only one bottle per lottery, according to the PLCB. Households are limited to one bottle per lottery as well.

Pennsylvania residents have until 11 p.m. Saturday to opt in to one or more of the lotteries.

Participants will be notified by email when the lottery process is complete, according to the PLCB.

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