State hospital association to move downtown Aug. 1

Lenay Ruhl//July 11, 2016

State hospital association to move downtown Aug. 1

Lenay Ruhl//July 11, 2016

The hospital trade organization announced in February that it was moving from Swatara Township to downtown Harrisburg, but it had not yet narrowed down a location.

HAP confirmed today that it expects to be fully operational in downtown Harrisburg as of Aug. 1. Its new address will be 30 N. 3rd St., where it is leasing 18,669 square feet of space.

The decision to move to downtown Harrisburg stems from the need to be closer to policymakers and state agencies. HAP’s interaction with the government has increased due to expanded government health care programs.

“Government is much more prominent in health care than ever before—through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, as examples—so close proximity to these individuals and groups is critical for us as Pennsylvania health care moves forward,” said HAP spokesperson Katie Byrnes.

The new headquarters will have approximately 50 full-time employees.

“HAP’s relocation is a member-driven effort, one that will result in closer proximity to decision-makers and state agencies that work closely with health care issues,” said Andy Carter, president and CEO of HAP.

HAP sold the building that currently houses its headquarters earlier this year to Orrstown Bank in preparation for its move. HAP currently leases 20,000 square feet of space from Orrstown Bank.

Before selling to the bank, HAP owned the entire building at 4750 Lindle Road. It used to have a printing company, other subsidiaries and more employees than it does now, according to Byrnes.

To become more efficient, HAP no longer operates a printing company or other subsidiaries, so its need for the entire building dwindled, Byrnes said.