Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

While many people agree anxiety and depression have increased across all demographics, there is more to learn about mental health conditions and the stigma associated with them. This includes the connection between women’s mental health and their hormonal or underlying medical conditions.  

David Silver, MD, psychiatrist, UPMC Women’s Behavioral Health Specialists, practiced as a gynecologic oncologist for 15 years before recognizing the need to focus on patients’ psychological well-being in conjunction with their physical health. 

“My job is to help treat women during specific times in their lives when they become more vulnerable to mood and anxiety disorders either from hormonal changes involving pregnancy, post-partum, or perimenopause, or those who are triggered by a life-changing diagnosis such as cancer.”  

One of the misconceptions about mental health is the often-interchangeable terms sad and depressed. In fact, they are not the same. According to Dr. Silver, external stresses can make anyone feel sad, but not everyone who feels sad becomes depressed. Depression is a disease and individuals with an underlying biological predisposition, are the ones who are impacted. Combined with a physical diagnosis, this can be a very difficult time for patients. Left untreated or undiagnosed, people with depression can suffer unnecessarily for years or a lifetime.  

Dr. Silver works with a multidisciplinary team to develop coordinated plans of care inclusive of therapy and medication. “Together we ensure the delivery of holistic care to the patient in a comfortable and timely manner.” 

For more information, visit upmc.com/CentralPaWomen 



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