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Southern PA cities top ranking of best cities for remote workers

Lebanon Farmers Market

Lebanon was voted the best city for remote workers in the country, followed closely by York-Hanover and Lancaster, in a ranking by real estate website Ownerly.

In its ranking, titled Top Ten US Cities Built for Zoom, Ownerly listed cities based on criteria such as median home value and rent, broadband score, green space access and population, citing southern Pennsylvania as a “sweet spot.”

“Three of our national top 10 cities are in Pennsylvania’s Lebanon Valley: Lebanon, York-Hanover and Lancaster,” Ownerly’s team wrote in a story posted on the site. “Forming a triangle south and east of Harrisburg, these cities all feature a cost of living 2% to 5% below the United States average, plus abundant free Wi-Fi, a good selection of broadband providers and median home values under $230,000 (versus a national median of $264,200).”

Topping the list is Lebanon, which has a median home value of $181,800, median rent of $882 and a population of 141,793. Residents also have access to at least three broadband providers, which earned the city a broadband score of 97.5.

Ownerly also noted the city’s plentiful green space, “Consisting not only of municipal parks but also two state parks, plus neighboring Mt. Gretna with its family-friendly attractions and vibrant arts scene.”

Third on the list was York-Hanover at a median home value of $200,500 and a median rent of $950. The website gave the region a green space access rating of 80% and a broadband score of 99.6.

“Hanover is significantly safer than York. Not surprisingly, housing costs more in Hanover, though median prices in both regions are below Pennsylvania averages.”

In a statement to Ownerly, Nan Dunford, Hanover Borough Manager, agreed that Hanover has proven to be a good fit for remote workers.

“Hanover is a small, walkable town with larger city amenities which is close to restaurants, shopping, and parks when your remote work day is done,” Dunford said.

Lancaster made the fourth spot on the list with its median home value of $226,600 and median rent of $1,046. The city received a broadband score of 96.6 and had 71% of green space access.

Ownerly noted that while the region is known as the capital of Amish country, the city forgoes its roots with multiple broadband provider options and access to free Wi-Fi.

“These amenities are likely to make Lancaster appealing to employees working from home and commuters who rely on the frequent Amtrak service to Philadelphia, a trip that takes roughly an hour,” the site wrote.

The Pennsylvania cities were joined on the list by El Paso, Texas; Rochester, New York; Madison, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; Wausau-Weston, Wisconsin; Logan, Utah; and Appleton, Wisconsin.

Ioannis Pashakis
Ioannis Pashakis is the Central Penn Business Journal's assistant editor. Email him at [email protected].

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