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Sound off: What you said

Last week’s question: Do you think a viable effort will develop to try to bring a casino
to York County? Tell us why.

Yes – 50 percent

No – 50 percent

This week’s question:

Do you network with nearby companies to keep business local? Tell us why.

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Sound off: Continued discussion

From our LinkedIn group, in response to the April 20 question: Should there be an exemption in the Clean Indoor Air Act for bars with 20 percent or less revenue from food sales, as well as for private clubs and casinos?

“In general I agree with Raymond other than from the standpoint of an employee. Can the government protect an employee from a hazardous work environment? I know the answer is that they don’t have to work there, but is that really the society that we want to promote? I don’t have to work at asbestos plant with no mask requirements but do we want a government to help protect those that don’t have the means to protect themselves?”

—Kristian Frank


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