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Being able to tell the stories of women leaders is probably one of the best parts of my job.

Cathy Hirko - (Photo / Amy Spangler)

It started with a big smile and a firm, friendly handshake when I met Kathy Prime in the sprawling lobby of The High Company in Lancaster County.

I knew immediately that it was going to be fun getting to know Prime, not just about her leadership or her executive responsibilities, but to know her as a person.

Her husband, Tom Sposito, did the cyber introductions a week or so before we were able to meet. I had put out the call in this column asking for company leaders to pitch me any ideas or people that you recommend that I talk to. Sposito encouraged me to reach out to Prime.

My profile on Prime and others launches today with Central Penn Business Journal’s new Women in Leadership newsletter. Put simply, the newsletter’s goal is to target women leaders in the midstate in the hopes of growing more leaders in the midstate.

Prime was one of the first to sign on. Like CPBJ, she believed deeply in what we are launching. Women leaders and executives have unique experiences and challenges that they can share with other leaders-in-training. This newsletter will be dedicated to readers hungry for that news. 

In between sharing our war stories, Prime opened up not only about some very personal experiences, but also good advice on how to excel in the workplace. She’s not afraid to share her voice, or tackle projects that others may pass on. Leaders rarely shy away from challenges, they learn from them.

Great advice, conversations

The inaugural newsletter also includes York College’s president, Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith, while headlining the newsletter is a professional photographer, Jillian Williams, owner of Bevrore Contemporary Portraits.

Gunter-Smith is heading into her third year with York College. She had some great advice as well. With her bags barely unpacked in 2013, she was deep into handling crisis communication with the college, and shared her behind-the-scenes advice. 

Williams gave us tips on photography and how she helps professional women, many of whom might not be that excited about having their pictures taken. Her team has taken some amazing photos of women CEOs in the midstate.

I’ve also met many other women in these past few months who will be featured in upcoming newsletter editions. I’m hoping to tell as many stories as possible. We have some very talented and giving people in the midstate. Sharing their stories will be an honor.

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As always, I invite and welcome your feedback. If you, or you know someone who would be a good candidate for a future newsletter edition, please contact me: cathyh@cpbj.com.

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