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Safety tips for children’s summer backyard play


A new study warns parents about the five most dangerous activities for children in the backyard and around the house.

The 2021 Summer Home Safety Report, from, used the most recent data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and a survey of 450 parents.

Here are the activities that pose the greatest injury risk, according to the study:

1) Trampolines: Check that bolts are tight, install a safety net, pad the frame and springs, and set jumping rules with adult supervision.

2) Monkey bars: Make sure the child has enough upper body strength to swing, place padding underneath to soften falls, and check for loose bolts and wood splinters.

3) Open porches and balconies: Install safety netting or plastic guards to covers spaces between rails. Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.

4) Slides: Don’t go down the slide with a child in your lap, teach children to go down feet first, and remove dangerous debris from the bottom.

5) Swing sets: Tighten equipment before use, and ignore children’s pleas to push them too high.

And when it comes to swimming pools, enhance safety by developing house rules, having adult supervision and installing a perimeter fence. 

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