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Sacunas creates ‘public experience’ practice

B2B marketing firm has been growing steadily under new ownership

Todd Scott is leading Sacunas' new "public experience" practice. He said the practice aims to go beyond traditional public and media relation services. - (Photo / Submitted)

Fast-growing marketing firm Sacunas Inc. wants to be the first and last name that business owners think of when hiring an agency to promote their companies.

To do that, the Dauphin County-based business-to-business marketing agency this week announced that it has created what it is calling a “public experience” practice within the firm. The practice will rely on big-data analytics to help clients be more proactive in their communications efforts.

Sacunas could use technology, for example, to monitor social media discussions about neighborhood concerns prior to a public meeting a client is holding on a local bridge or road project. The ability to prepare answers for likely questions at the meeting might help disarm a hostile crowd, said Todd Scott, the Sacunas staff member who is leading the new practice.

The practice, he said, aims to go beyond traditional public and media relations services. Because of recent hires, including Dave Patti, former CEO of the Pennsylvania Business Council, Sacunas has been able to expand into government affairs and community outreach work for its public- and private-sector clients.

The firm’s goal is to be a single source for all marketing services a client might need, Scott said. The blend could open up new opportunities.

In theory, working with one agency should save a company time and money and produce better results.

Many Sacunas clients are East Coast companies that want to expand in Europe and around the world. They are mostly companies in technology, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, building materials and health care.

Clients include PennDOT and Solera Holdings, as well as IMI and Cardone Industries.

Steady growth

Under new ownership over the last year, Sacunas has been steadily growing its staff and adding offices in the Midwest and West Coast. The firm’s new one-stop-shop approach could make it even more attractive to marketing professionals looking for new opportunities.

Owner Adam Vasquez has a stated goal of growing the firm to 500 employees across the globe over the next five years.

He has already made an acquisition this year, so it’s also possible the firm’s broader services could lead to additional acquisitions of smaller firms that specialize in areas where Sacunas is looking to grow. Or Sacunas could simply lure people away from those smaller agencies.

“We are always looking for senior communications people,” Scott said. “We’re now expanding that to public affairs.”

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