Rock Lititz, LGH partner on primary care practice

Rock Lititz has become known as a hub for innovative and creative services for the live entertainment industry.

The newest venture to open in the Warwick Township campus, Rock Medical, is just as innovative, but its focus is primary health care, not entertainment.

Rock Medical, operated by Lancaster General Health-Penn Medicine, aims to deliver health care services in partnership with Rock Lititz companies.

The 8,000-square foot practice is membership based, meaning employers purchase memberships for their employees. It has 140 members so far and can accommodate up to 500.

Members receive unlimited access to primary care and preventive health services with no-copays. Additional benefits include basic lab testing, office procedures, commonly prescribed medications and annual flu shots. Costs vary based on the number of employees at a business, said LGH spokesperson Mary Ann Eckard, who declined to give a dollar range.

Julie Burrowes, a physician assistant, said Rock Medical was born when the leaders of Rock Lititz, primarily Clair Global, approached LGH about solving their health care issues.

“Our employees are everything and makes us the company we are. We are always trying to find ways to improve their way of life, in and out of the workplace,” said Shaun Clair, Clair Global’s vice president of business development.

Clair Global employees joined Rock Medical in January as the practice’s first — and so far only — members. They traveled to LG Health Kissel Hill until Rock Medical officially opened in April. It is in Pod 2, which debuted in late 2016 as the second building on the Rock Lititz campus. A 52,000-square-foot rehearsal studio that opened in 2014 is the first.

Amy Spangler

Rock Medical is staffed 40 hours per week by a physician assistant and certified medical assistant. Oversight and assistance are provided by Dr. Christopher L. Hager, M.D., of Novara, a primary care practice backed by LGH.

Hager pointed out that health care is important and a permanent fixture in people’s lives but “we fundamentally believe that if made more accessible and if we remove the financial burden of preventive care, more employees will engage and maintain healthier lifestyles”. Indeed, hav in care close at hand is a plus for

Clair Global, which is about 800 meters from the practice.

The proximity provides easier access and encourages employees to focus on preventive care, Shaun Clair said. A private sitdown with medical staff can take place over lunch, before work or immediately following the workday.

Burrowes said the facility is designed to put its members at ease. An initial consultation lasts from one to two hours. But instead of being conducted in an exam room, it takes place around a small round table in an office. During that initial meeting a member’s medical history and family medical history are discussed and goals are established.

“Some people are intimidated in a traditional physician’s office setting. We want to be more approachable. We want to our members to be comfortable and to establish a relationship with them,” Burrowes said.

A traditional procedure/exam room is available if needed. The clinic also features an on-site lab and mini-pharmacy.

Rock Medical will also work with members to help prepare them for upcoming business or personal trips — ensuring, for example, that a member has enough medications or the proper shots. In addition to holding face-to-face visits, staff members also will respond to members’ medical concerns via text or email. In the future virtual visits may be offered.

In addition, the practice offers quarterly educational sessions focused on wellness topics. A recent 30-minute session focused on fitting exercise into a personal schedule. Burrowes said the program featured fitness trainers from Lititz RecROC, the bouldering and climbing gym and fitness facility that also opened in Pod2.

She pointed out that the Rock Medical model is a first for LGH Penn Medicine.

“The fact that LG Health supports this model shows they have the same level of customer support focus and industry advancement as Clair Global,” said Shaun Clair. “For an organization to take chances and trust in the ideology of the Rock Lititz Community is exciting and makes us eager to work with them and see where we can innovate and make the lives of our employees better.”

Clair said that many of the other companies on the Rock Lititz campus share Clair Global’s passion for innovation, whether in entertainment or health care.

“We’re confident that as we move through this first year, many of the companies on campus will be keeping close watch on how it’s going,” he said.

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