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Robert May

Robert May

Executive Director

Lancaster EMS

As executive director, May is responsible for the overall administrative, strategic, regulators and clinical practices of Lancaster EMS. In his position, he is also responsible for continuously aligning the organization’s mission-focused business strategies with community needs.

He has been in his position for 25 years.

May is proud of having a leadership role in the partnering of two competing hospitals to form Lancaster EMS. The partnership has resulted in multiple efficiencies that have saved significant healthcare dollars.

He shared several important life lessons: Never settle for the status quo. Dream big, then act, fully committed to achieving the goal even when it may not initially seem obtainable. Humility and integrity are vital foundational elements. Acknowledge and appreciate all of those that provide support and had a role in your success along the way.

May’s recreational passion is flying. A “dream big” goal was to attain his private pilot’s license. For fun, he and his wife enjoy long weekends by exploring new destinations by airplane. There’s an amazing sense of freedom when you’re airborne. “A mile of road will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.”—Author unknown

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