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Real estate

Are you eligible to take advantage of the homebuyer credit?

The real estate market was hit hard during the recent financial crisis, but many still consider home ownership a good investment. As you file your 2010 tax return, the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants notes that this may be your last chance to take advantage of a valuable tax credit if you purchased a home early last year. This article answers five common questions about the credit.

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Letter: Property taxes chill Central Pennsylvania housing market

I read with great interest the recent article by Jim T. Ryan regarding the stymied housing market and its effect on manufacturing jobs in the commonwealth. (“Housing market still stymies related manufacturers,” Business Journal, April 1, 2011)
The biggest obstacle to overcome or rationalize when attempting to build or purchase a new home is the property tax associated with that purchase.

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Twilight for suburban sprawl in Central PA?

"Fast food and fast housing are shaped by one of modernism's core philosophies — the promise to make life better by making it easier. This powerful promise continues to capture the imagination of the majority of people, despite the mounting evidence of just how much harm it has wrought. ... Most of the development created by the fast-housing industry has resulted in environmentally unsustainable, culturally homogenous neighborhoods of single-family detached houses and strip retail...

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