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Are you ready to recruit in the new normal?

There’s no doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the natural progression of work process and communication methods moving further in the digital direction. The hiring process is definitely an important example, which is being shaped into a leaner, faster, more efficient model.

While this unforgiving environment in the wake of COVID-19 makes this a necessity, there are also clear benefits to continuing these new practices and capabilities even after the pressure is off. However, as the transition back to full-speed-ahead appears to be just around the corner, the recruiting landscape is just about to heat up. Below are a few areas of consideration to help ensure you navigate this new terrain effectively.

Digital evolution

Every company has a different hiring situation, but for the most part, those who evolve will thrive, and those who don’t will fall behind. We’re seeing a transition to heavy reliance on digital for all aspects of the recruitment and talent management lifecycle, from attracting talent, to screening candidates, to conducting interviews, on-boarding, training, and establishing remote work routines for current and new employees.

While some digital tools may be used for several of these stages, there are certainly tools that are better geared to give you the best results for various stages. Platforms such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Hangouts are great tools for collaboration among existing employees for example, but it’s best to utilize interviewing specific platforms such as Harqen for the recruiting process.

Speed is critical

Recruitment strategies that remain stagnant and mirror the more traditional, rigid pre- COVID-19 processes, simply won’t be as effective at acquiring new talent. Needless to say, this can have a significant impact on the business.

Speed plays a critical role in recruiting. Those organizations who allow for a more nimble, digital interview process will move candidates through the steps more quickly and ultimately be able to acquire their first-pick candidate before the other handful of opportunities competing for that candidate are able to reach the final stages of the process. 

From the minute you have the initial pre-screen step with a new candidate, the clock is ticking. With each additional day it takes to move that candidate to the final stage, your chances of extending an offer that will ultimately be accepted is decreasing.

The mad rush

Speaking of companies competing for candidates, once business starts ramping back up again, there will be tens of thousands of companies re-opening overnight. To avoid the chaos, consider starting the recruiting process now. You will be that much further along in the race, instead of tripping over all the others at the starting line of their own hunt for talent. Also, consider on-boarding contractors where you can, as this process tends to be much more flexible, and ultimately moves much faster.

Fish in a different pond

Now is also a good time to assess the tools and resources you will use to find your talent. Look for pools of talent which many other organizations won’t have access to. Strengthening or forging a relationship with a recruiting agency who has a strong network of talent, relationships, tools, and know-how already at their disposal can be an excellent way to get a leg up on the competition. Once the business restrictions are lifted, companies will be competing for the same actively-looking candidates posted on the job boards. Tapping into an agency’s vast talent pool allows you to fish from a different pond entirely, instead of tangling your line with everyone else.

 What will you do to take proactive approaches to recruiting in this time of transition?

Mike Schroeder is executive recruiter at The Denzel Group.

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